I see darkness down the line

Dec 10

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Krigistades hambaid vaatad sa mulle otsa, seletad mulle mingid teemat , üritan sind kuulata kuid su jutt jookseb mul ühest kõrvast sisse ja teisest välja. Näen sinus deemonit, üritan sulle otsa vaadata kuid ma ei suuda. Su nägu paneb mind nutma. Kardan sind tohutult ,kuid sa ei mõista.  

Näod moonduvad , para on peal. kõik on deemonid. Jooksen õue ,vaikus summutab heli. Panen silmad kinni,kuid peas käib ikka error. Kõik elab , hingab , lainetab.

Lähen tuppa , sead jooksevad ringi ,joovad.  karjun ” palun ärge jooge rohkem” , kuid sead naeravad ja joovad edasi. Aga nad on ju mu sõbrad. Sõbrad sead.

Teen suitsu , nii hea on . Sa räägid ikka mulle sellest , kuid ma ei suuda sind kuulata . Tahan sulle otsa vaadata ,sest ma armastan sind. kuid su silmis näen ma deemonit. kardan meeletult. 

" ei sa ei söö seda sitta rohkem"

"aga ma tahan"

"EI , palun"

Jookseme koju ,sest külm on . 

Hoiad mind oma käte vahel kuni ma uinun, kuid sa juba magad. 

üritan uinuda ,kuid peas käib ikka error. Miks see juba läbi ei saa?

Sa värised , tunnen seda, sul on külm , kuid meil on ju 100 tekki peal. 

Ma tahan sind aidata ,kuid ma ei oska.

Äratad mind oma suudlustega, sest sa armastad mind.

Armastad eks?

Nov 12
Armastad eks?
Sep 30
Sep 30

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"we’re all on our own,trying to find the escape since the 60’s all this shit is toxicating our brains Beyonce,Rihanna and mostly Jay-z too little puppets of the evil,we’re all gonna die real soon you should wake up,open you’re eyes and see for yourself this world isn’t so pretty and sometimes all we need is help we must understand we’re being brainwashed by evil it’s everywhere ,in our food and in our minds we’re told we have to go to school,get a job and pay our taxes but seriously, they sold they’re soul,made a deal with the devil now some are paranoid and looking they’re way out a steel building can’t collapse in 9 fucking seconds all those puppets should shut they’re mouths"

- created by : Laureana L.

Sep 29
Aug 14

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Living my life ,I didn´t even know you were famous ,

rockin´stages in LA , Tokio and Las Vegas,

I remember when you kissed me,

told I was the one, that you never forget my amazingly beautiful brown eyes and my smile and stuff,

that you missed me , loved me and wanted me back,

but I didn´t care, I didn´t  even read you´re letters and texts ,

all those endless nights when we were together,

we talked how we´re gonna go to Japan to live forever,

I left you standing there with no explanation,

rushed quickly to the nearest bus station,

crying ,because I knew you wanted me that bad,

I was scared , terrified ,almost had a heart attack,

but you crashed you´re car , nothing was left of that

It had been two years since we last saw each other,

I ran into you in a bank , you told me I had changed ,

but no , I hadnt changed , I was still the same,

You were fancy , different and beautiful in some weird way,

and then we went out on a date , you took me to those fancy places,

I knew that It wasn´t you anymore, behind those faces

I know I can´t go back in time to fall in love,

but I do mean all the things I said above,

I just want to say i´m sorry , I did´nt realize it then ,

that you we´re perfect and better than all those men,

I know that I should forget all those things that remind me of you,

because you hurt me bad , and I fell again for you

Jul 9
punishing me , or not ?

For some reason I like to read my friends´ facebook messages . I mean I know they´r passwords and then I just read .. stuff.. about me

I found out some .. stuff

Have you ever done this ?

May 9
Yet, there is no light

Will it all make sense one day ?

I don´t know .

Maybe it will , maybe it wont . 


Apr 23
It doesn’t make sense