I don´t know  which is worse .. a friend who is so addicted to weed that she would do whatever it takes to get high ,or me not wanting to be friends with her anymore.

She has never been normal actually , she has always had this weird turn in her life. like when you have to choose between your friends or family she would always choose friends , and thats why she found some new ones. Kopli.That says it all.

When someone asks me ,oh why don´t you like this person ? And if this person happens to be from kopli ,I always  say ,” oh , i don´t know , she´s from kopli.”

Kopli isn´t so bad actually ,  I went to school there, i liked it there, but that place changed me in some weird way ,I can´t even explain.

I mean , girl you have gone way out of control. There is still some things you can change to prevent these things what will happen to you if you stay like this. 

Best wishes


Apr 22 -
Careful with that axe Eugene.

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