Living my life ,I didn´t even know you were famous ,

rockin´stages in LA , Tokio and Las Vegas,

I remember when you kissed me,

told I was the one, that you never forget my amazingly beautiful brown eyes and my smile and stuff,

that you missed me , loved me and wanted me back,

but I didn´t care, I didn´t  even read you´re letters and texts ,

all those endless nights when we were together,

we talked how we´re gonna go to Japan to live forever,

I left you standing there with no explanation,

rushed quickly to the nearest bus station,

crying ,because I knew you wanted me that bad,

I was scared , terrified ,almost had a heart attack,

but you crashed you´re car , nothing was left of that

It had been two years since we last saw each other,

I ran into you in a bank , you told me I had changed ,

but no , I hadnt changed , I was still the same,

You were fancy , different and beautiful in some weird way,

and then we went out on a date , you took me to those fancy places,

I knew that It wasn´t you anymore, behind those faces

I know I can´t go back in time to fall in love,

but I do mean all the things I said above,

I just want to say i´m sorry , I did´nt realize it then ,

that you we´re perfect and better than all those men,

I know that I should forget all those things that remind me of you,

because you hurt me bad , and I fell again for you

Jul 9 -
punishing me , or not ?


I write stuff, about people,what I see ,what i feel,what i experience